09 September 2009

Trading Cards, Get Your Trading Cards

Want to make your very own trading card? Go to Big Huge Labs, upload your photo and then customize as you please. I went to the site after my friend made the one for me. It is so easy to do, even a tech-challenged blonde like me was able to follow the directions.

Take a minute or two and check it out. I already showed you mine, let's see yours!


Thomas MacEntee said...

Mine is here:


DianaR said...

Here's mine:

Cool Trading Card

gtownma said...

Tina Sansone's Genea-Card

Bill West said...

Hi Sheri,
Here's mine:

Illuminated Ancestries said...

Hi Sheri,

Thanks for the great idea! Here is my card: http://blog.illuminatedancestries.com/2009/09/saturday-night-genealogy-fun-trading.html.