09 September 2009

A Simply Brilliant Idea!

So I have this friend of mine who is but a mere mortal. He does not blog, he has no interest in genealogy or historical research. He does have a sharp mind and every now and then comes up with some lulus. He has come to the conclusion the Geneabloggers are like a big team. And when you have a winning team what is the next logical step????


He tells me that I need to have another card with me in my party hat and another where I look like a PTA mom. All the bloggers get trading cards made up and then we all collect each others cards and the fun we could all have from this is endless!

I told him that I would throw it out there and let the people come to their own conclusions. And then he said, " You would really put this on your blog?" And so I told him, "But of course, they have all learned to expect this kind of behaviour from me."

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