15 August 2018

Clues From Headstones

I came across this headstone photo on Find A Grave the other day.  The words in Latin with the insignia intrigued me so off I went to find out the meaning.


The translation is:   "In this sign you will conquer."

This motto is used by about fifty different military groups, schools, sports teams and other organizations.  Here are just a few:

Is the motto on the Coat of Arms of O'Donnell

It has been used in some versions of the logo for the brand of cigarettes, Pall Mall

It is the motto of St Michael's Church School, Christchurch, New Zealand.

The motto of the Norwegian Army 2nd Battalion.

The motto of College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts.

The motto of U.S. Marine Aircraft Squadron VMA(AW)533.

The motto of Saint Joseph's Grammar School in Donaghmore, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.

The motto and engraving on the headstone mean that Joseph Peters is a member of Sigma Chi Fraternity.  So if I wanted to learn more about this Joseph Peters, I might try contacting the alumni of this fraternity to see if they have any information.  But seeing as how this wasn't the Joseph Peters I was after, it will have to wait for another day.

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  1. Sigma Chi has “Joseph Peters III” (1907-1931) listed as “Joseph Forman Peters”, Stanford 1934, but Stanford list him as “Joseph Furnam Peters”, 1930.

    A 1933 Sigma Chi Magazine memorial to Joseph F. Peters, Alpha Omega Chapter (Stanford) 1934, entered the Chapter Eternal on May 18, 1931. Donor: His mother, Mrs. Jessie F. Peters, Stockton, Calif.

    An obituary in the Stanford Daily reports Joseph Peters, class of 1930, died in a car accident May 18, 1931. It further reports his father as the late Joseph Furnam Peters and his unnamed mother as living in San Francisco.