07 September 2018

The DAR Library and Genealogical Lecture Series

Did you know that the Library at the National Society Daughter of the American Revolution has an archived lecture series that is absolutely free to anyone?  All the presenters are librarians or genealogists at DAR and there is a wide variety of topics to choose from.

This is a must to have on your list of genealogical education opportunities.  


"From Rhode Island to Australia and Back" by Andrew Boisvert
"Asian American Genealogy" by Pamela Loos-Noji
"FamilySearch:  Improving Your Research With The Search Tab"  by Anne Merrill
"Revolutionary Elizabeths" by Clare Marshall
"African-American Research in DC" by Stacie Newton
"Real Widows of the Pension Office:  Civil War Widow Pensions" by Pamela Loos-Noji
"Native American Genealogy"  by Briana Diaz
"Cemeteries and Death Records" by Karen Janczy
"North Carolina Land Records in Tennessee" by Stacie Newton
"Jewish American Genealogy" by Pamela Baster
"African American Genealogy" by Elizabeth Drembus
"Female Ancestors" by Darryn Lickliter
"Search Strategies" by Marilyn Mills
"An Ocean Away:  Immigration Records" by Stacie Newton
"An Introduction to Quakers for Genealogists" by Elizabeth Ernst
"Land and Property Records" by Forrest Crosley
"New York Military Records" by Tom Ragusin
"African American Research" by Yvonne Liser
"That's Revolutionary (War)" by Bevin Creel
"DNA Research" by Tom Ragusin


"1777: Tipping Point at Saratoga" by Dean Snow
"Testing the American Way of War" by Edward G. Lengel
"The Swamp Fox" by John Oller
"Confounding Father" by Robert McDonald
"Abductions in the American Revolution" by Christian M. McBurney
"American Icarus:  A Memoir of Father and Country" by Pythia Peay
"Federal Style in the Federal City" by Ann Wass
"Washington's Circle" by David and Jean Heidler
"The Grand Forage 1778" by Todd W. Braisted
"Using Maps in Historical Research" by Charlie Grymes


  1. No, I didn't know, and I think of myself as keeping up with things on the DAR web site. Thanks, Sheri!

  2. The Indiana DAR asked me to contact Pamela Bastet to donate my revolutionary documents from 1776 and leather bound journals and preaching notes from 1811 . Please let me know how to contact Pamela baster lognithome@gmail.com