07 February 2018

Selected Genealogical Abstracts from the California Statutes - 1853

1853 California Statutes

A copy of this publication can be found HERE.


Chapter 20, pg 34
It shall be lawful for the person known as Henry Thomas Weatherwax to change his name to Henry Thomas Holmes

Chapter 118, pg 166
It shall be lawful for the person known as Alfred Morgan to change his name to Alfred Grey Morgan


Chapter 14, pg 30
William Moody and Morgan Hart are authorized to build a wharf in the County of Solano near the island in the tule in Suisun Valley

Chapter 112, pg 158
The County of Sacramento is directed to pay to Albert Putnam 1/2 of any monies collected on account of the forfeited recognizance or a judgment on the same of Fanny Smith alias Seymour indicted in the County of Sacramento for shooting said Putnam

Chapter 146, pg 201
S. G. Whipple and J. F. Wendell are authorized to build a wharf at Crescent City in the County of Klamath to commence at a point on the southern terminus of B and C streets and continue alongside a reef of rocks in a southerly direction to what is known as Gull Rock

Joint Resolution 21, pg 317
California Senators are instructed to bring before Congress the claim of Felix Argenti, Esq. for property furnished to the United States Indian Commissioners in California


Chapter 40, pg 56
$1000 payment to J. D. Monnett, M.D. for services rendered sick emigrants

Chapter 54, pg 79
$590.50 payment to Thomas A. Hilton, M.D. for services rendered during the second El Dorado Expedition

Chapter 57, pg 81
$224.43 payment to James M. Cranston, owner of the schooner "Faccio," for moving property brought from San Francisco to Vallejo

Chapter 58, pg 81
$850.30 payment to E. G. Baker for iron and tinware furnished to the Legislature

Chapter 69, pg 97
$2500 payment to Beverly C. Sanders for expenses incurred by order of the Governor for the suppression of Indian hostilities in the County of San Diego

Chapter 94, pg 144
$2000 payment to Dr. John B. Trask for his report on the geology of the Mineral Districts

Chapter 98, pg 146
For services rendered to the State, payment is made to: Orrin Bailey $120, William Corbett $120, Arsinia Miramontes  $43, Francisco Sanchez  $39, John Cole  $24, Charles Ridout  $6.50, F. W. Sibert  $5.50, William Lampman  $6.50, John S. Lee  $16.50, Thomas Hayes  $73.50, Henry Vandewater  $60, Roman de Zaldo  $20, Thomas Fitzgerald  $40

Chapter 100, pg 148
For services rendered to the State, payment is made to: Reuben Clark  $620, William Craine  $620

Chapter 109, pg 154
For labor performed and materials furnished, payment is made to: S. C. Gray  $48, Neville & Derby  $70, Jno. J. Neff  $50, James S. Taylor  $30, 

Chapter 110, pg 154
To provide duplicate warrants in lieu of certain warrants lost to: Samuel Stephens  $209.23, Aaron D. Blanchard  $109, Martin Hughes  $88, James H. Keith  $125

Chapter 123, pg 178
$8648 payment to Major James Birney for the expenses of the Mariposa, Second El Dorado, Utah, Los Angeles, Clear Lake, Klamath and Trinity and Monterey Expeditions against the Indians

Chapter 145, pg 200
$1150 payment to John Brown, Quartermaster and Commissary to the Second El Dorado Volunteers

Chapter 177, pg 275
$50 payment to John C. Cremony for services rendered the State

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