15 February 2018

Selected Genealogical Abstracts from the California Statutes 1871-1872

California Statutes 1871-1872

A copy of this publication can be found HERE.


Chapter 14, pg 19
James W. Coffroth, Julius Wetzler and George J. Wright, executors of the last will and testament of John C. Keenan, deceased, late of the City and County of San Francisco are authorized to mortgage the real estate of their testor for a sum sufficient to pay off all legal claims existing against said estate

Chapter 94, pg 91
It shall be the duty of the guardian of the minor children of the estate of James Donahue to pay the amount of the legacies authorized by the Probate Court of Santa Clara County

Chapter 423, pg 621
An act to enable the heirs or next of kin of Thomas Spriggs, deceased, to inherit his estate

Chapter 548, pg 795
Margaret McDanel, administratrix of the estate of Thomas McDanel, situated at Cherokee Flat in the County of Butte is authorized to borrow money to pay debts of the estate


Chapter 29, pg 33
$250 per month for two years is to be paid to General John A. Sutter

Chapter 30, pg 34
$700 payment to J. Alexander Forbes, Jr and Thomas R. Eldridge for translating into Spanish several State documents

Chapter 54, pg 52
$2000 payment to James T. Ryan for services rendered the State 

Chapter 65, pg 61
$200 per month for two years is to be paid to James W. Marshall

Chapter 78, pg 79
$1000 is set aside for the purpose of erecting a monument to the memory of John Bigler, formerly Governor of this State

Chapter 79, pg 79
$4732.82 payment to James Franklin Burns for sums by him expended in the pursuit of parties indicted in Los Angeles County for the murder of Oscar H. Bilderbeck and Henry Bilderbeck

Chapter 91, pg 88
$5948.68 payment to William Sharp for furnishing carpets for the new Capitol

Chapter 92, pg 88
$300 payment to Isidor Wormser

Chapter 116, pg 118
$1625 payment in gold coin to James M. Kane for services as a special officer of the Marine Board of the City and County of San Francisco

Chapter 154, pg 173
$5565.65 payment to Henry Kohn

Chapter 156, pg 174
$5000 payment to the widow of the late Royal T. Sprague, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of this State for salary due him

Chapter 281, pg 384
$1000 payment to William S. Brown for services as brickmaker at San Quentin

Chapter 301, pg 410
$25,000 payment to John J. McCredy for losses sustained by him in the construction of the Institution for the Deaf and Dumb and the Blind situated in Alameda County

Chapter 325, pg 437
$2000 payment to Henry N. Morse, sheriff of Alameda County for the capture and arrest of Jesus Tejada and Juan Soto

Chapter 327, pg 438
$251.50 payment to James T. Boyd for legal services rendered 

Chapter 328, pg 439
$40 payment to Morris Wolf 

Chapter 329, pg 440
$100 payment to R. B. Thomas for services rendered in running the boundary line between the Counties of Fresno and Mariposa

Chapter 403, pg 560
$1050 payment to James Carroll for services as Supervisor of Alameda County

Chapter 447, pg 665
$12,000 payment to Joseph S. Emery to reimburse him for losses sustained by him in the construction of the Institution of Deaf and Dumb and the Blind in Alameda County

Chapter 467, pg 698
$120 payment to J. Johnson for services rendered in keeping the entrance to the State Capitol in order

Chapter 555, pg 799
$793.96 payment to Mrs. Eliza McLean for supplies furnished the State Marine Hospital

Chapter 583, pg 861
$2983.07 payment to John J. Conlin for planking Kentucky Street between two bridges in the City and County of San Francisco

Chapter 605, pg 893
$2000 payment to Samuel Cross for services as Special Attorney


Chapter 27, pg 32
A Commission to examine the claim of James E. Carr against the County of Siskiyou in relation to the construction of a wagon road from the top of Scott's Mountain to Masterson's new house

An Act to provide for indexing the names of persons who have declared their intention or who have become citizens of the United States in the several Courts of record in this State. [Clerks of the court were paid 20 cents per name indexed]

Chapter 139, pg 156
All persons who appeared and testified for the people in the case of the People ex relatione Downs and Thompson against J. B. Holloway may now submit claims for reimbursement

Chapter 286, pg 389
The Masonic and Odd Fellows' Cemetery Association and the citizens of Contra Costa County are authorized to disinter and remove all human remains in the graveyard at the Town of Antioch in and upon T. N. Willis' land and reinter in the cemetery near said town known as the "Masonic and Odd Fellows' Cemetery

Chapter 313, pg 422
Jesse Morrow, Elias Jacob, and Charles P. Converse are authorized to improve a portion of the Kings River in the County of Fresno

Chapter 341, pg 471
George W. Reamer and the American River Water and Mining Company are given the rights to supply pure fresh drinking water to the inhabitants of the City of Sacramento

Chapter 387, pg 538
E. H. Miller, Jr., D. W. Earl, F. M. Chapman, Robert Hamilton, D. E. Callahan, C. F. Wheeler, C. L. Scudder, Edgar Mills, George Gilbert, Frank Malone, Edward Hamilton, and Benjamin Crocker have the right to take possession of, improve and collect tolls upon the road now leading from Y Street in the City of Sacramento to the Hooker Ranch commonly known as Sutterville Road

Chapter 388, pg 542
It shall be lawful for P. Henneberry, Superior of St. Joseph's College near Hydesville in Humboldt County to remove bodies of all deceased persons buried on the grounds belonging to said college to the public graveyard at Hydesville

Chapter 398, pg 553
It shall be lawful for William A. Findley of Yuba County to remove the bodies of all deceased persons now buried on the grounds of said Findley to the public graveyard

Chapter 498, pg 730
George W. Chesley, F. S. Malone, E. M. Fry, Charles A. Low, Edward Ewald, B. N. Bugbee and Henry Norton are authorized to lay down gas pipes in the City of Sacramento

Chapter 529, pg 765
It shall be lawful for John Ram or S. C. Long of Yuba County to remove the remains of all deceased persons buried at Foster's Bar to a public graveyard

Chapter 530, pg 766
It shall be lawful for Isaac Bluxome to remove from his private property, on the Rancho de Mircelacon in Sonoma County certain dead bodies to the public graveyard

Chapter 558, pg 801
The Principal of the Napa Ladies' Seminary in Napa City, Napa County is hereby authorized to grant diplomas


Joint Resolution 16, pg 965
The State Prison Committee recommend the pardon of the following criminals:
George O'Connor from San Francisco - manslaughter
Thomas Lloyd of San Francisco - murder in the 2nd degree
John Benson of Calaveras - assault to rape
Solomon W. Sonedecker from San Mateo - manslaughter
Martin Noon - manslaughter
George Thompson from Yuba County - burglary and arson
Francis Callahan from Klamath County - assault to murder
Michael Frender from Alameda County - murder 2nd degree
Robert Francis from Plumas County - murder 2nd degree
Thomas Haley from San Francisco - robbery
William Pierce from Sacramento - burglary
Wesley Hess from Santa Clara County - grand larceny
Charles Jones from Butte County - robbery
James Taylor from San Francisco - robbery
Peter Quigley from Sacramento - murder 2nd degree
W. H. Warren from Sacramento - murder 2nd degree
Norman J. Thompson from Humboldt County - assault deadly weapon
H. C. T. Rotger from Mariposa County - murder 2nd degree
Kate Murphy from Sonoma County - arson
Charles Haley from San Francisco - burglary
Frank Steinman from Placer County - murder 2nd degree
Eli Hanna from Nevada County - murder 2nd degree
John Hauser from Santa Clara County - murder 2nd degree
Thomas Corcoran from Sacramento - arson
George Lowry from San Diego - robbery
A. E. Manning from San Francisco - attempt to mayhem
Thomas K. Hays from Tehama County - manslaughter
Alexander P. Manor from Yolo County - burglary
John M. May from Yolo County - kidnapping
Augustus Tomeo from Nevada County - assault to rape
John Shaw from Santa Cruz - assault to murder
Walter C. Rhuefell from San Bernardino - grand larceny
F. W. Voll from San Francisco - manslaughter
J. W. Drisdom from Amador County - murder 2nd degree
Louis Antonio from Calaveras - grand larceny
D. C. Parks from Calaveras - grand larceny
Charles Denman from Sacramento - arson
Thomas Eckholm from El Dorado - murder 2nd degree
Peter Metz from Sacramento - murder 2nd degree
Ramon Alvitre from Los Angeles - grand larceny
Lucio Alvitre from Los Angeles - grand larceny
Ramon Romero from Sacramento - murder 2nd degree
Ah Shim from San Francisco - murder 2nd degree
Thomas Boswell from Tehama - murder 2nd degree
Milton S. Price from Nevada County - robbery
Polimio (Indian) from Calaveras - murder 2nd degree
J. F. Shuler from Butte County - robbery
Ramon Culihuita from Santa Barbara County - murder 2nd degree
F. C. Coffman from El Dorado County - murder 2nd degree
Frank Smith from Yuba County - burglary
Ah Sam from Alameda County - assault to murder
C. W. Smith from Mariposa County - manslaughter
Jose Gonzales from Colusa County - manslaughter
John Jackson from San Joaquin County - grand larceny
Lewis Mahoney from San Francisco - grand larceny
Andreas Galindo from Tuolumne County - murder 2nd degree
John McDonald from Nevada County - arson
William Hoffman from Alameda County - burglary
John Daley from San Francisco - robbery
Henry Doty from Yolo County - grand larceny
James Tevis from Colusa County - murder

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