11 February 2018

Selected Genealogical Abstracts from the California Statutes - 1856

1856 California Statutes

A copy of this publication can be found HERE.


Chapter 43, pg 52
It shall be lawful for the person known as Lewis Schletchway to change his name to Lewis Robinson


Chapter 23, pg 35
Leander Quint shall be released from all obligations upon the official bond of H. K. Swope, Sheriff of Tuolumne County

Chapter 24, pg 36
John Van Arnam of Washington, Yolo County is hereby released from any and all liabilities incurred by him as surety of the official bond of Alexander Chisholm County Treasurer of Yolo County

Chapter 29, pg 40
A duplicate school land warrant numbered 477 to be issued to George W. Coffee

Chapter 30, pg 41
Thomas Baker is authorized to receive a school land warrant for 160 acres upon the surrender of warrant numbered 595 issued to George H. Brankham and by him assigned without the usual acknowledgment before a notary or Justice

Chapter 53, pg 65
It is hereby lawful for the Courts of Record of this State to admit Alfred W. Harcombe as an attorney and counselor at law

Chapter 65, pg 79
J. E. Davis and A. P. Jordan are authorized to construct a wharf at Santa Cruz

Chapter 102, pg 123
Joseph R. Beals is authorized to construct a toll bridge across the Pajaro River in Monterey County

Chapter 108, pg 129
Robert Haley is authorized to construct a wharf on the ranch of San Pablo in Contra Costa County between the points known as Gill's Landing and the southwest side of the San Pablo Potraro


Chapter 34, pg 43
The guardian of Minna C. Buchanan, the posthumous daughter of the late Robert B. Buchanan of the City of Marysville, Yuba County is authorized to sell and dispose of her real estate and chattels real

Chapter 40, pg 50
John H. Hill, Guardian of the person and estate of William R. Burns, a lunatic, is authorized to sell the real estate of his said ward

Chapter 42, pg 51
The time for the presentation of claims against the estate of S. A. Booke, deceased of the County of Sonoma, is hereby extended to June 1, 1856


Chapter 120, pg 141
$200 payment to David Frank Newsom for services rendered as San Luis Obispo County Auditor

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