29 November 2011

I Am Just All Kinds of Festive!

Changing my blog design was the most scariest thing I have ever attempted tech-wise.  I hope I have done everything right so when the holidays are over, I can put things back the way they were.  If not, make friends with the peek-a-boo Santa above now.

It was actually pretty easy to do.  So easy that it makes me think I might have screwed something up. Ha Ha

Anywho, you can decorate your blog too!  If you are using the Blogger platform then I STRONGLY suggest you watch a couple of 3 minute videos by Thomas MacEntee.  Unless of course you are a tech geek, in which case never mind what I just said and get your blog all kinds of Festive!

If you are tech-challenged like me then head on over to Geneabloggers and read the post "Have You Decorated Your Blog For The Holidays?" and watch the 2 very short instructional videos.  Then take your new-found knowledge and head over to "Resources For Holiday Blog Decorating".  Plan on spending some time ogling the delicious holiday blog eye candy.  I changed my mind a hundred different times trying to decide on the decorations.

Once you have your blog decorated, shout it out loud so we can all come visit your place and be awed by your creative genius!
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