29 July 2011

Got Writer's Block? Remake Yourself

I am suffering from a severe case of writer's block.  Perhaps if I became something new, something different.  Making Heritage Pie last week whetted my appetite for a serious procrastination session and because I am feeling all kinds of festive today, I am going to share the love with you.

Turn yourself into a M&M , Simpsonize Yourself  or Shrekify Yourself

Click on the  photo and watch me dance.

If you are feeling blue, got the blues or just like the color of blue - then I have got some fun for you.

Here's a trip back to the 80's - The Smurfs are back!

You can Smurf Yourself and if that wasn't enough good news - there is a generator out there in Procrastination Land that will give you your very own Smurf name!

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