04 July 2011

Oh How I Love A Parade!

Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted to be in a parade.  Riding in a red convertible, perched  on top of the back seat smiling and waving.

Oh let me tell you about the waving.  I have been practicing "The Parade Wave" all my life.  I even took a class in parade waving.  Think I am kidding?  When I was about 11 or 12 years old, my mother enrolled me in the "Wendy Ward Charm School."  For those unfamiliar, this was a service offered by Montgomery Wards in the 1960's to young ladies so that they might learn social graces, correct posture, how to walk (GLIDE, step and pose, GLIDE)  and most importantly the "Parade Wave." 

"Parade Waving" is truly an art form, it is even listed in the Urban Dictionary - "A slight hand gesture used to wave for prolonged periods of time (like during a parade) or as a casual non-verbal greeting to friends. With the arm bent at the elbow, the waver turns their wrist back and forth exposing the front and then the back of the hand in a single motion."   

Well I wasn't in a red convertible, but I was in the 4th of July Parade this morning here in Stockton.  El Toyon chapter NSDAR was a participant.  Nothing fancy, we decorated a member's pickup truck and several ladies rode in the back.  I walked in front of the vehicle with two other ladies - we were holding our chapter's banner.  We all wore red, white and blue and had wreaths of glitter on our heads.  The route was about 1 mile and it was about 100 degrees in the shade, but I had a BLAST!  The sidewalks along the parade route were crowded with people cheering and waving back at us.

We were in good company - in front of us were players from the Stockton Thunder (Ice Hockey Team) and in back of us were the Sacramento Kings Dancers (Kings = basketball team).  There were over 75 entries in all.  Quite a turnout for Stockton!

I made some family history today.  So how did you spend your holiday?  Did you make any family history?


  1. I feel for you, Sheri! I'm sequestered at my computer in air conditioned comfort, blog surfing on the other side of town while you're out celebrating on the streets of Stockton! In 100 degree weather, no less!

    I've stopped by to read your blog before, but just decided to do it and be your newest follower. Thanks for the fun posts!

  2. Good for you. Making good new family history on the 4th of July is a long-standing tradition! ;-)

  3. I am sooooo jealous. I bet your wave was perfect ... Remember, we practiced it along the Rose Parade route in Pasadena before Jamboree?

    I went to "charm school" class too. One difference: I
    overheard someone (Mom?) call it "coordination class." i had a lot of trouble making my feet cooperate. Mostly I remember the glide walk.

    I have spent the weekend avoiding parades, but I would have cheered you on anytime!

  4. Here in Canada, we call it the *royal* wave, :-) Keep practising ...you'll get that red convertible yet!