25 September 2010

SNGF - It's All In The Blood Line or Why I Get To Be Czarina of Stockton.

It's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun over at Randy Seaver's place. This weeks fun and games allows me a perfect opportunity to show the naysayers why I get to be Czarina of Stockton and they don't. Here is the task for the game this week:

1) Pick one of your ancestral lines - any one - patrilineal, matrilineal, zigzag, from a famous ancestor, etc. Pick a long one if you can.

2) Tell us which position in the birth order that your ancestor was in each generation. For example "third child, first son." Also list how many children were born to these parents.

3) Share your Birth Order work with us on your own blog post, in a comment to this blog post, in a comment on Facebook, etc.

I am going to zigzag through my maternal ancestral lines.

1. Me - 1st child - Only daughter - 6 children

2. My Mother - 1st child - 1st daughter of Darrell Kenneth Skillman & Mary Ellen Harris (3 children)

3. Mary Ellen Harris (1916-1995) - Only child of Hillery T. Harris and Hazel Berry

4. Hillery T. Harris (1894-1959) - 4th child - 4th son of George Wesley Harris and Minda Ellen Wallace (5 children)

5. George Wesley Harris (1864-1949) - 2nd child - 1st son of Hillery Taylor Asbeth Harris and Mary Ann Frances Bess (10 children)

6. Mary Ann Frances Bess (1841-1900) - 1st child - 1st daughter of Peter Bess and Sarah H. Beam (7 children)

7. Sarah H. Beam (1823-1915) - 3rd child - 2nd daughter of David Beam and Mary Ann Wacaster (8 children)

8. David Beam (1797-1852) - 4th child - 3rd son of John Derrick Beam and Mary Hoyle (10 children)

9. John Derrick Beam (1765-1822) - 1st child - 1st son of John Teeter Beam and Rebecca Raynolds (15 children)

10. John Teeter Beam (1732-1807) - 1st child - 1st son of Michael Beam and Sarah Rudolph

11. Michael Beam (1702-1801) - Unknown

Now the explanation of my blue blood. Tradition has it that my 8th great grandmother, Sarah Rudolph, was a daughter of Rudolph, once Emperor of Germany as handed down by S. G. Goodrich, a German writer. Rudolph, once Emperor of Germany, had seven beautiful daughters who contracted alliances that proved to be happy ones. Sarah Rudolph was a member of the ruling family of Germany. Rudolph I of Hapsburg (1218-1291) Emperor of Germany, founder of the Imperial House of Austria, was the eldest son of Albert IV, Count of Hapsburg and Landgrave of Alsace. Elected Emperor in 1273. He defeated Ottokar, king of Bohemia and gave the latter's territories to his sons Albert and Rudolph. (see "Winston's Cumulative Loose-Leaf Encyclopedia" by Thomas E. Finegan, copyright 1926). The Rudolphs ruled Germany until 1830.

So that about says it all, no? I more than qualify for the Czarina seeing as how I have Emperor blood running through my veins. Thanks Seaver for the opportunity to clear this issue up.


  1. Well done, your highness,

    Now please explain how the royal crown passes through all of those 3rd daughters and 2nd sons to the Czarina of Stockton. I'm visualizing here the crown I get at Burger King every so often.

    If the Rudolphs ruled "Germany" (wait, Germany was formed in 1871, right?) until the 1830s (which small part of Germany was that?),then wouldn't the royal diadem have been passed to a child of those royal dunces in the 1830s, even though the dynasty was overthrown? How does Sarah Rudolph fit in here in the mid-1700s?

    Methinks she was a lusty and fertile peasant girl who had no clue about royal flushing or anything else connected to a castle (they did have castles in Rudolphistan, right?).

    No harm in being descended from that, of ocurse. Most of us have similar ancestros.

  2. Oh well, if you are going to nit pick at things . . .
    I never claimed it to be a DIRECT blood line, just a royal-ish one. LOL
    My BFF told me that I should never be allowed to rule the world, but I make one hell of a Czarina of Stockton!

  3. Dear Czarina,

    Love this post! Since there's a Hapsburg in there perhaps you're related to the Queen of England as well, so may we call you Czarina Queen of Stockton? Cheers! Jennifer