02 September 2010

How I Overcame Writer's Block In Less Than 24 Hours

So. Yesterday I could not write my own name, much less a sentence or the 3 client reports that I need to have done by Saturday. I tried my usual block breakers. Mood music such as Stevie Ray Vaughn, Buddy Guy and old Motown did nothing for me. I extended my ice cream breaks from 5 minutes to 20 minutes - Nada.

Then it occurred to me that what I needed was an instant gratification fix. Now I know what you're thinking and I am not "that" kind of girl. Not on a weekday anyway. No, I am talking about seeing the results of one's hard work immediately. A job worth doing, is worth doing well and I am ever so pleased with myself when I work hard and the end result is better than expected.

My youngest son recently moved out (again) and I have the room for my office (again). I decided to pull up the nasty carpet and low and behold, there is a beautiful wood floor beneath 5 layers of old varnish and shellac. Aha! this could be my project - refinish the wood floor in my office. I run down the hall and open the door and Gasped! OMG the walls are PURPLE!

I forgot that right after son moved out, I painted the room purple. My thought at the time was - surely son will never move back home again and live in a purple room.

[note: I have since been medicated and realize how silly that thought was. Hah, the room has to be purple AND paint the trim fuchsia pink in order for son not to move back home. ]

[note to self: need to buy fuchsia pink paint ASAP]

So I figure a couple of hours and I will have the floor done in no time at all! Hahahaha.

Heee, Haahaahaa. The photo above is the fruit of six hours of my labor. Instant gratification FAIL.

Not. Even. Close.
This little diversion will now set me back at least another month before I can move my office in.

Oh well, I mustn't worry my pretty little head about such things. I will think about it another day and with that, I closed the door to the purple room. And then POOF! Just like that - like magic - I am ready to write again.

Oh and an unexpected bonus? Completely by accident, I made this scientific discovery - Jasco brand wood floor stripper works better than Nair at removing the hair from your legs. Awesome.
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