31 May 2010

Jamboree To-Do and Must-Do Lists

I am so looking forward to Southern California Genealogical Society's 41st Annual Jamboree which will be held June 11th thru June 13th in Burbank.

I went last year and had the time of my life! Great speakers, wonderful programs and schmoozing with fellow geneabloggers is just the icing on the cake!

I have started my lists for the weekend already. My To-Do list, my Must-Do list, etc., etc. and so forth. On the Must-Do list is : Get a replacement wall chart from Janet the Chart Chick. That would be my good friend Janet Hovorka. She and her husband Kim are the owners of Generation Maps and just one of the many vendors who will be at Jamboree this year. Below is the chart she made for me last year from the GEDCOM file I brought with me. As you can see, it is all tore up and well used. Over the past year I have used this as my working chart. Oh yes, I got crazy with my colored pencils ( 4 different colors for my four major family lines) and note writing. Janet left me plenty of room on the right hand side of the chart.

I am a very visual person. Give me good visual aids and I can rule the world. Um, well maybe not rule the world, but I could come very close.

UPDATE: My BFF told me that I may not rule the world. However, I am without a doubt, the Czarina of Stockton.
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