11 March 2010

Zippity Do Dah!

Well it finally happened. The day I have been waiting for. I have my first client that actually went to the APG - Association of Professional Genealogists - website and looked at all of the genealogists that are registered there and chose me.

I have had many clients before this, both paying and pro bono. But when said client told me that they had found me through APG it validated my place in the world of professional genealogists.

Well, at least here in my world it did.

Zippity Do Dah!

Becoming a member of APG does not guarantee that clients will be lining up around the block just because you pay your yearly dues. I made the decision to become a member because of this statement -

"APG strives to support, guide, and protect all aspects of genealogy as a profession and promotes the highest standard of ethics and professionalism among our members."

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