12 March 2010

Hey Emmitt Smith - It's "Ourstory"

Emmitt Smith's journey to find his ancestors on last night's "Who Do You Think You Are?" was simply Mahvalous! He did not have any preconceived notions about his greats. All he had was an eagerness to learn. He didn't seem concerned whether any of his ancestors were famous or wishing that they had done something of historical importance. He just wanted to know them.

He began the search with the genealogist's mantra - "Start with what you know." Emmitt knew next to nothing about his grandparents so he went to the most likely source of information - his parents. His search progressed forward with each new piece of information just like it should have.

I am still reading comments left everywhere about the lack of demonstrating the research process. People, people - that is NOT what the show is all about. The show is about discovery of ones self through ones ancestry. Believe it or not, not everyone who is interested in their family history is interested in genealogy or wants to be a genealogist! Yes, they want to know who their ancestors are but they don't necessarily want to do the research themselves. That part of the discovery doesn't appeal to them. Enter - the professional genealogist. I do not intend to miss out on this opportunity.

The joy and "peace" Emmitt displayed at the end of the show was genuine. The best line of the show? At the end when Emmitt says, "It's not HIStory, it's Mystory."
Hey Emmitt - when it really comes down to it, isn't it "OURstory?
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