16 December 2017

Selected Genealogical Abstracts from the California Statutes - 1878

A copy of this publication can be found HERE.

Payments Made by the State of California

Chapter 21, pg 26
$200 payment to Edward Hunt by the Cold Spring School District for services as a teacher

Chapter 32, pg 47
$3427.91 payment to C. H. Krebs for paving Tenth Street from L to N in the City of Sacramento

Chapter 78, pg 88
$2333.33 payment in gold and silver coin to S. G. S. Dunbar by the County of San Joaquin for his services in performing the duties of School Superintendent

Chapter 84, pg 105
$300 payment to Julius Blume for services rendered in arresting Juan Salazar, who, on the 21st day of October 1876 in the County of Marin, robbed one William Brown on the highway and then murdered said Brown

Chapter 114, pg 137
$2199.42 payment to Harrison Roberts, Luis Ruggio and C. S. Colvig for the capture of Cleodoveo Chavez, an associate of the bandit Vasquez

Chapter 149, pg 193
$5722.51 payment to Andrew Onderdonk for work and materials furnished in the construction of the new slips at the foot of Market Street in San Francisco

Chapter 205, pg 251
$1000 payment to Thomas Molloy for his services as Road Overseer in Alameda County

Chapter 217, pg 260
$1300 payment to John A. Odell for services rendered as Superintendent of the Branch State Prison at Folsom

Chapter 264, pg 328
$600 payment to Edwin Kimball for constructing a bridge across San Lorenzo Creek in the County of Alameda

Chapter 310, pg 394
$857 payment to J. B. Scott for services rendered as Auditor of the County of Monterey

Chapter 346, pg 530
$7000 payment to Mary M. Springer, widow and heir of Thomas A. Springer, late State Printer, deceased for balance of a claim for State printing

Chapter 360, pg 543
$285 payment to P. K. Stockton for services as short-hand reporting on the State Land Commission

Chapter 373, pg 558
$300 payment to John Q. Hendrichs, Charles Carroll and R. D. Hubbard for the arrest and capture of Joseph Blanchard who was an accomplice of William Barber in highway robbery in the County of Siskiyou

Chapter 377, pg 560
$120 payment to Hiram Clock for services rendered as the State Messenger and Porter in the office of the Reclamation Fund Commissioners

Chapter 454, pg 696
$300 payment to Frederick Kuhnle for the arrest of Andronica Ygera who on the 21st of October 1876, in the County of Marin, robbed one William Brown on the highway and murdered him

Chapter 468, pg 731
$300 payment to John Sutherland, Jr. for his services rendered in destroying the Vasquez bandit

Chapter 493, pg 766
$600 payment to John C. Boggs for the capture of Ah Sam, alias Gee Ah You, a noted murderer

Chapter 517, pg 801
$36,875 payment to Henry F. Williams due him by reason of neglect, refusal and non-fulfillment of contract on part of the executive officers of the City and County of San Francisco to modify the grades of certain streets


Chapter 36, pg 48
An Act authorizing John Parrott, Samuel Clark, J. L. Keagle, Rufus Franklin, William Heart, Robert Boice and D. P. McNeal to construct and maintain certain levees on the south bank of the Mokelumne River in San Joaquin County

Chapter 69, pg 83
An Act authorizing John Blair, Thomas Alderson, Truman Wilcox, L. A. Garnett, Thomas Price and F. A. Bishop to construct a race-way through the City of Placerville

Chapter 83, pg 104
An Act authorizing the Nevada County Board of Supervisors to disinter all human remains interred in Moore's Flat Cemetery and remove them to a new cemetery near the Town of Moore's Flat

Chapter 96, pg 109
An Act to change the name of the Town of Fiddleton in the County of Amador to Oleta

Chapter 116, pg 138
An Act releasing John Rierden, B. H. Kenney, Patrick Donahue and W. B. Jordan of the City and County of San Francisco from all liability on a certain bail bond in the sum of $5000 for the appearance of one Philip Smith Allis

Chapter 150, pg 193
An Act authorizing the County of Tulare to pay Charles Dukes, J. D. Billingsly, D. Malloch, William Kincaid, Stacy Taylor and A. M. Abbey a sum they deem reasonable for their services as jurors in the Coroner's Inquest in the matter of Martin Pendergast

Chapter 152, pg 194
Edward C. Kirby and John Burke of the City and County of San Francisco are released from all liability as sureties on bail in the amount of $6000 for Michael Dunn who was charged with the crime of assault with intent to commit murder upon the person of John Griffin.

Chapter 191, pg 236
An Act to prohibit "Piece Clubs" and prevent extortion from candidates for office

Chapter 255, pg 322
W. J. Johnson, W. H. Perdue, John Cheney, William L. Tomlin and M. V. Dixon are released from all liability as sureties on bail in the amount of $3000 for James Johnson indicted by the Grand Jury for the crime of robbery

Chapter 281, pg 341
An Act releasing S. L. Marks, Terrence Burke, J. R. Deardorff and Milo Hoadley, all of the City and County of San Francisco, from all liability of a certain bail bond in the sum of $10,000 for the appearance of one S. R. Deardorff

Chapter 286, pg 354
An Act granting George E. Isaacs the right to supply the inhabitants of the Town of Merced with fresh water

Chapter 353, pg 535
An Act to prevent the sale of oleomargarine under the name of and pretense of that said commodity is butter

Chapter 431, pg 637
An Act to provide for transcribing the Great Register of El Dorado County

Chapter 449, pg 695
An Act to prohibit and punish the sale of adulterated syrup.  Any person who shall knowingly sell, or keep, or offer for sale, or otherwise dispose of any syrup, or golden drips syrup, silver drips syrup, or molasses containing muriatic or sulphuric acids, or glucose, or adulterated with any other substances to improve the color thereof, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, fined $500 and imprisoned in the County Jail for a period not exceeding six months

Chapter 574, pg 915
An Act releasing A. D. Splivalo, J. H. Coleman and Juan de Toro of the City and County of San Francisco from all liability on a certain bail bond in the sum of $5000 for the appearance of one Auguste Ducommun

Chapter 584, pg 930

$25,000 from the general fund to be used co-jointly with a like sum of $25,000 donated by H. D. Bacon for the construction of a library and art gallery on the State University grounds in Alameda County

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