27 December 2017

Getting To Know You

We all know that genealogists sometimes have "other" lives.  We all do some networking (schmoozing) when we get together at seminars and conferences.  But have you taken the time to really get to know fellow genealogists?  Some of their "other" interests may surprise you.

For instance, I recently learned that one of my genealogical idols - Dr. William M. Litchman - is an accomplished square dancer and a professional square dance caller.  He even does seminars and lectures on the subject.

If you have ever participated in the NGSQ Study Group online, then you will, of course, recognize Dr. Litchman's name.  This study is based on the model set forth by Dr. William M. Litchman where each participant reads the selected article from the NGSQ several times making notes about the research techniques, evidence, and logic used in solving the genealogy problem. Members meet online for 60 to 90 minutes to discuss the methodology used in the article and take turns moderating the discussions.

I have never had the honor of meeting Dr. Litchman in person or through social media, however, knowing that there's such a fun side to the analytical side of Dr. Litchman makes me admire him even more.

Genealogical research is a passion for me but I do have other interests.  

I adore ballroom dancing.  

There is always a jigsaw puzzle in progress on my dining room table.  

I love reading fiction about vampires and witches and anything Stephen King, but will NOT watch a scary movie. And speaking of movies and TV shows, I'm a great fan of SciFi, fantasy, and musicals.  I am hoping to go see "The Greatest Showman" in the theater soon.

So what about you?  Other than genealogy, what interests do you have?  In the coming new year, make it a point to get to know each other better.


  1. What a fun post! And a great idea, too! Never knew you liked ballroom dancing--just that you love Dancing with the Stars!

    It's been so long since I wandered from my current passion (genealogy, natch!) that I almost can't remember what life was like BG (before genealogy). Um...singing. Playing guitar. Renaissance music and playing in a recorder quartet. Reading (now it's only business books). Drama (honest, like on stage). Radio broadcasting (fun, plus added bonus: paid the bills). Penpals in English and Spanish-speaking countries around the world. Exchanging postcards. Painting flowers. Collecting greeting cards and stationary. Getting lost in maps.

    Basically, losing myself in anything interesting...

    And yes, it would make a grand year if we all got to know each other better. Excellent idea, Sheri!

  2. Agree. I am a crazy cat mom. Also a bluegrass association secretary. We attend many bluegrass events each year.

    We just left the cold Michigan weather for the milder southeast. The cat tagged along.

    I am going to try to blog at least once a week this year, but no resolution!

  3. Let's see if this comment will come in. I love this idea of knowing what our genealogy friends do besides genealogy. Those that are on Facebook tend to reveal a little more about themselves over time. In my other life, I bird watch, play the guitar and ukulele, read mysteries, study German, and hike (plus some other volunteer stuff).

  4. My other interests include reading-most anything, sitting on the beach, and volunteering for turtle patrol in the summer. My dad was in the Air Force so I have lived in England and Bermuda long with several states.Choir was a big part of my life in school. While living in NM at 30+ I learned to ride a horse and had my own paint quarter/mustang for a few years. I teach a Sunday School class for 12-18 year olds, which I love, and also love to chaperone any of the youth activities for our church group. We were foster parents for many years and have 11 children and 16 grands with twin grands on the way! What a great idea for a post! Thanks!

  5. I like to sew, scrapbooking (paper and digital), and I am crazy about Scrabble and puzzles. I collect mourning jewelry, old photos, antiques and Elsie the Cow items. I enjoy cooking and baking. I love to lift weights and work out at the gym I just wish my body looked like it. I treat my cats and dogs like children since my four are no longer at home. I like mysteries and historical fiction to avoid cleaning the house. My husband and I are estate sale junkies. Thanks Sherri, hope we run into each other soon, I adore you darhling!

  6. Cool idea! I love to knit, garden, bake, and read, take photos, as well as hike, and practice yoga :) When we have time, I also love to ride on the back of my husband's motorbike.

  7. Lovely posts! When I'm not trying to vet the genealogical research I inherited, I have been active in what I call the SF Bay Area "Dress Up and Dance" community, with English Regency, Art Deco, and Ragtime as my favorite eras. Currently I'm head of our regional Jane Austen Society. New dancers are always welcome at our BAERS Regency balls, one coming up Jan. 27 in Alameda. My husband leads the live band, and I dance only slow ones now, so I am free to schmooze with guests. [Met him at the second ever Regency ball in 1986.] Birdwatching, photography, historic cookery/needlework, and restorative yoga have been submerged by a recent shuffle of home repairs.

  8. Danine - I had no idea that you lived near me! This is great news because our genealogy society is thinking about sponsoring a Northern California Bloggers & Genealogists event/get-together this year.