17 August 2017

Selected Genealogical Abstracts From the California Statutes - 1852

A digital copy of this publication can be found at Internet Archive.


chapter 35, pg 77
An Act for the relief of Immigrants travelling overland to California. This act provided for the welfare of immigrants travelling to California.  If upon arrival they were found to be in a suffering condition, then food and clothing will be provided to them and any other such relief necessary to insure their safe arrival.

chapter 36, pg 78
An Act concerning passengers arriving in the ports of the State of California. Within 24 hours of arrival, the commander of the vessel shall make a report stating the name, place of birth, last legal residence, age and occupation of every person who is not a citizen of the United States

chapter 37, pg 84
An Act to provide for the protection of foreigners and to define their liabilities and privileges:  whereas, great prejudices exist in the Mining Districts in relation to the propriety of foreigners being permitted to work placer and quartz diggings inasmuch they are not liable to the same duties as American citizens whilst they enjoy the same privileges and these contests produce great expenditure by the State in the maintenance of order.  Starting 1 June 1852 no person not being a citizen of the United States shall be allowed to take gold from any of the mines of this State unless he shall have a license.

chapter 42, pg 101
An Act to authorize Married Women to transact business in their own name as Sole Traders

chapter 45, pg 105
An Act to regulate the settlement of the estates of deceased persons


chapter 78, pg 150
James L. Freanser is authorized to construct a wagon road from Sacramento Valley to the Oregon line and collect the tolls on said wagon road.

chapter 148, pg 237
William Moody and Morgan Hart are authorized to build a wharf as long as 1200 feet near the island in the Tule in Suisun Valley, County of Solano

chapter 150, pg 238
William Morehead and Thomas Palmer are authorized to collect tolls on a bridge built by them across the Trinity River in Trinity County at place place known as the upper ferry on the trail leading from Shasta City to Weaverville

chapter 151, pg 239
Dennis B. Mooney is authorized to collect tolls on a ferry owned by him on the main branch of the Trinity River in Trinity County at a place commonly known as "Mooney's Ferry" on the trail leading from Weaverville into the Sacramento Valley

chapter 183, pg 261
The name of Jacob C. Kore shall be entered onto the payroll of the El Dorado Expedition against the Indians and that the said Kore shall receive such compensation as the law provides for the services performed by him as orderly Sergeant in Company D, commanded by Captain Porter under Major William Rogers

chapter 186, pg 262
Frank Maynard is authorized to build a wharf in the cove commencing at the slaughter house at what is known as Bull Head Ranch and running along the Straits of Carquinez to the Town of Martinez


chapter 158,  pg 249
$300 payment each to Drury P. Baldwin and Thomas J. Green for expenses incurred in selecting and laying off the public grounds in the City of Vallejo

chapter 176, pg 257
$600 payment to William E. P. Hartnell for services rendered as State Translator of the Spanish language

chapter 182, pg 260
$1000 payment to A. G. Kimball for distributing the Convention Debates in English and Spanish

chapter 198, pg 270
$23,781.82 payment to W. J. Whitney for furnishing the Capitol and for stationery


chapter 174, page 256
Henry Hartman, deceased, by his last will and testament, bequeathed to his wife Mary Bush Hartman, his entire personal and real estate which amount to the sum of $25,000.  The estate if free from debt and liability so the provision of the law which requires a bond is hereby waived


chapter 200, pg 270
It shall be lawful for the person known as George Krantz to change his name to George James Cross

chapter 201, pg 271

It shall be lawful for the person known as Lucy A. Stoddard Wakefield to change her name to Lucy A. Stoddard

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