07 August 2017

Selected Genealogical Abstracts From the California Statutes 1854

This post is the first of a series of selected genealogical abstracts from the California State Statutes.  I read through each year of statutes and gleaned those I found that might be of use to those with ancestors in California.  The following abstracts are from the year 1854.


chapter 21, pg 147
It shall be lawful for the person known as Henry St. Clair to change his name to that of Henry St. Clair Lott. 

chapter 34, pg 152
It shall be lawful for the person bearing the name of Mary Elizabeth McGreece to change her name to Mary Elizabeth Hastings. 

chapter 59, pg 176
It shall be lawful for the person known as William Alexander Smith to change his name to Amor de Cosmos. 

chapter 70, pg 182
It shall be lawful for the person known as Charles Turner Kelly to change his name to Charles Turner Kelly Tracy. 

chapter 76, pg 189
It shall be lawful for the person known as William Myer, residing in the city of San Francisco, to change his name to William Myer Elton. 


chapter 29, pg 150
$1350 payment to H. Gomez Mauriz for services rendered by him in translating into Spanish the Governor's Annual Message, Comptroller's Report, Governor's Inaugural Address, Treasurer's Report and Surveyor General's Report. 

chapter 35, pg 154
$1641 payment to Cornelius Cole for services rendered as agent of the State for the arrest of Edgar Haight.

chapter 49, pg 170
$5000 payment to Capt. Harry Love for expenses incurred in the capture of the notorious robber Joaquin. 

chapter 51, pg 171
$500 payment to Powell Weaver for animals and provisions furnished to the friendly Indians in San Bernardino County in the year 1851 who were engaged in taking prisoner Antonio Garra and four other Indian chiefs. 

chapter 74, pg 188
$150 payment to James McMahon for removing the picture of Washington from San Francisco to the Senate chamber in Sacramento. 


chapter 27, pg 149
Authorizing Joseph R. Beals to construct and maintain a toll bridge and toll house across Pajaro River where the only stage road leading from San Francisco via San Jose to Los Angeles crosses aforesaid river. 

chapter 31, pg 151
Authorizing Stephen K. Nurse to build a wharf in the Suisun Valley in the County of Solano: the NE quarter of section 6 twp 4 north range 1 east of Monte Diablo and it shall consist of a strip of land 200 feet wide. 

chapter 36, pg 154
Authorizing John Carothers to build and construct a turnpike or gravel road from the City of Stockton to the towns of Sonora and Columbia in Tuolumne County by way of Central Ferry on the Stanislaus River.  Commencing at the eastern extremity of Main Street in Stockton.  There shall be but one toll gate erected on the line of said road at any point between the City of Stockton and the Stanislaus River. 

chapter 37, pg 155
B.C. Whitman of Solano County is hereby appointed a Commissioner to ascertain the amount of indebtedness of the County of Alameda to the County of Contra Costa.

chapter 44, pg 164   
James Golden is authorized to collect tolls upon a certain road leading from Goodyear's Bar to Downieville in Sierra County and crossing a bridge over the Yuba River known as Golden's Bridge.

chapter 52, pg 172
Pardon of Timothy Donovan.  At the last term of the Court of Sessions, Timothy Donovan was convicted of the crime of perjury in El Dorado County and facts have since come to the knowledge of the court and jury and citizens that show conclusively the innocence of said Donovan. 

chapter 62, pg 178
The release of John G. Bircham and his sureties in El Dorado County from liability for the appearance of said Bircham before said court on a charge of manslaughter. 

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