11 June 2013

It's Baaaaaack - Shades of the Departed Magazine!

I hope you have your shades because you're going to need them.  The blinding brilliance of the one and only footnoteMaven has returned to us.  Returned and brought a gift - A brand new edition of "Shades of the Departed Magazine!"

Back and better than ever are your favorite contributors: footnoteMaven,  Denise Barrett Olson, Janine Smith, Denise Levenick aka Penelope Dreadful, Caroline Pointer, Missy Corley, Maureen Taylor aka The Photo Detective and ME!

The new edition - "Golden Rule Days" - is 122 beautiful pages of school day photographs and stories that tell us the history of school proms, yearbooks and school photo souvenirs.

Put your feet up and treat yourself to the latest Shades!

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