24 October 2012

What's In A Name?

Everything!  Absolutely everything.  While browsing around the internet highways and byways I came across a favorite blog of mine -  Looking4Ancestors.  Now Kathryn Lake Hogan is not a stranger to me.  Well at least I didn't think so until I saw the  genealogy super hero name she is AKA  -  "The Honey Badger of Genealogy"  Now how cool of a name is that?  I am positively fluorescent green with envy.

Yeah, yeah - I know that I am "The Educated Genealogist" however let's get real people, that name is no where near as exciting as "The Honey Badger of Genealogy."

So while I am off on a mission to find a cool genealogy super-hero name for myself, why don't you click on over and visit with the Honey Badger.  Kathryn specializes in Canadian and English research as well as United Empire Loyalist lineages.  Oh and to add more envy to the pot - Kathryn has published a book this year called "Digging Your Canadian Roots."  
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