18 June 2012

General Misbehaving at Jamboree 2012

I surprised even myself with my behavior at Jamboree a couple of weeks ago.  Just some general misbehaving and no pinatas, however I did come home with a tattoo of a black sheep on my arm.

But first some of the fun!

At the Hollywood Gala
from left to right: Kim Cotton, Sheri Fenley, Kathryn Doyle, Lisa Alzo and Elizabeth O'Neal

Elizabeth O'Neal and I
Souvenir we received for attending the Gala

More Gala Fun and Big, Big Hair
Amy Coffin , Elizabeth O'Neal and Me

Me holding up promo literature for the NGS Conference in Las Vegas 2013.  That's next year folks.  In Las Vegas!

Me and Susan Kitchen's leg - showing off our black sheep tattoos!

And this is where we got the tattoos - Ron Aarons

And last but not least, meet some of the new friends I made while at Jamboree:

Debbie Mascot - Mascot Manor Genealogy
Terri Fraser - Retracing The Past
Barry Ewell - Barry's Blog
Valerie Elkins - Family Cherished
Mara Fein, PhD, CG - Ancestry West
Jay Fonkert, CG - Four Generations Genealogy
Jana Sloan Broglin, CG - Her webpage
Warren Bittner, CG - I couldn't find a blog or webapge or website for Warren.  Hey Warren - get blogging buddy!
Laura Prescott - Her webpage

Thanks to Janet Hovorka and Family ChartMasters for the fabulous blogger beads.

Note about the photos used:  The one of me and the NGS promo literature was taken by my Dahling friend Stefani Evans, CG.  Tattoo pic courtesy of Susan Kitchens.  The rest I blatantly lifted from somewhere and I do thank you who ever you are.
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