28 December 2011

Making Some Family History Where Ever I Go

So my husband has children from a previous marriage and it is because of his children that I have grandchildren.  We don't see them often and maybe it's because of the stories they tell their parents after one of their visits with me.

Take today for instance.  I needed to go to the market.  They did NOT want to accompany me but they are only 10 and 8 years old and I felt not old enough to stay home alone.  So being the responsible grandparent that I am I made them come along.  I told them grocery shopping with me was an experience of a lifetime.  Of course they rolled their eyes at me but curiosity got the better of them and off we went.

As soon as we arrive I begin with the fast paced shopping cart races in the parking lot.  I had them hooked.

We danced in the frozen food aisle, played the paper towel end zone challenge in another aisle.  This is where you launch a roll of paper towels to see how far you can throw it down the aisle.  Then of course we played canned food bowling and topped it off watching the "Lobster Wars" over in the fresh seafood aisle lobster tank.  

With the right combination of caffeine and creativity, you can transform grocery shopping into a Disneylandish bonding experience with your children or grandchildren. Life is too short not to have all kinds of fun where ever you are! 
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