13 December 2011

Christmas Video Series - Part 3

Continuing with my Christmas video series to show my appreciation and undying love, I present to you something a little, er ummm,  different.

The Cast of Characters

FootnoteMaven - The FootnoteMaven
Elizabeth Swanay O'Neal - Little Bytes of Life
Thomas MacEntee - Destination Austin Family
Diana Ritchie - Random Relatives
Donna Pointkouski - What's Past Is Prologue


  1. I'm loving these videos! Keep it up!

  2. That was absolutely the best possible choice for Thomas! Great video and great cast!

  3. So very appropriate that I should be in something "different" ~ love it!! And I'm very honored to be featured with this crowd ;-)

  4. Sista Peter, I look mahvelous! Oh, to be so very very thin! It's a gift and I thank you for it. Ho Ho Ho - Ugly

  5. Fabulous video and as Marian said - perfect for Thomas!

  6. Fantastic, Sheri! I wonder how many boxes of jumping beans Thomas will get at RootsTech.