03 June 2011

NGSQ Articles Online Study Group

Evaluating others' research is one of the best ways I know to acquire advanced knowledge and research competence - Tom Jones

A great way to further your genealogical education is participation in one of the online NGSQ Articles Study Groups. These groups began back in 2008 and are still going strong. Now I know what you're thinking and you can rest assured that these groups are not for brain-ee-acks only, although you might be more comfortable if you have a good understanding of the GPS - Genealogical Proof Standard.

The groups meet once a month online to discuss an article from the National Genealogical Society Quarterly. This study is based on the model set forth by Dr. William M. Litchman where each participant reads the selected article several times, making notes about the research techniques, evidence and logic used in solving the genealogy problem. Members meet online to discuss the methodology used in the article and take turns moderating the discussions.

Articles for the next 3 months:

Paul Graham, "A Blue Ridge Family for Alsaph Briggs Barker," National Genealogical Society Quarterly 97 (June 2010): 85-100.

Richard A. Hayden, "Resolving the Inexplicable: The Marriage Bond of Archibald Young and Lettice Morgan," National Genealogical Society Quarterly 95 (March 2007): 5-16.

Philip Burnett Adderley, “Assembling and Correlating Evidence: Was Robert William Jemison a Planter, District Attorney, Land Register, Traitor, or All These?” National Genealogical Society Quarterly 98 (December 2010) 263-282.

Interested? Contact me for further details via email - sherifenley@gmail.com


  1. Where does one sign up? I think I've spent to many hours with my nose in other places!

  2. Leslie,

    I am the coordinator for the groups. Send me an email at -


    and we'll get you placed with a group. You are going to love this group!

  3. Good one, promoting these groups! You think no-one notices you're a brain-ee-ack yourself just cuz you're blonde. Gotcha!
    - Brenda

  4. BMD Oh how do I love thee? Let me count the camel humps . . .

  5. How and when do they meet online? (i.e. do I have to be able to hear well or just read a chat screen...and is it in the middle of the day when I'm consumed with childcare?)

  6. Kerry,

    The groups use Windows Live Messenger for their "chats." The group all meet and use the chat screen at the same time. There is one group that uses Campfire. In Campfire, it works like a message board. You would post your thoughts or comments about the article and the other members then post theirs and your respond to each other. There is not a set meeting time with Campfire. Each month, you would begin conversation about the new article.

    For the real time chats there are 3 groups that meet at the following times:

    3rd Tuesday at 10 AM ET
    3rd Tuesday at 8 PM ET
    3rd Thursday at 9PM ET

    So which would be the best fit for you? If none of them work, we can always form another group that will meet your needs.

  7. Any openings on 3rd Tues 10 AM EDT? Might work for me, until The General awakes.

  8. Elizabeth - you know that it is 10 AM ET and that means 7 AM our time. Email me if the time works for you and I will put you in that group.

  9. Let me wait and see how some things shake out and get back to you. I'd really love to participate in something like this.

  10. Sheri,
    You've been holding out.I study the stuffing out of these articles alone, who knew there was a synergistic learning groups?! Will love to join a group in September. I'm hoping for an early Tues/Thurs morning. I'm already excited. In the meantime, back to sole-dissecting of these articles! Will email you now!Let's plan early.

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