11 January 2011

When Will It Happen To Me?

I am talking about Serendipity. Those special moments that every genealogist in the world has had. Except me.

So what started my whine? During my morning blog reading ritual (that is a whole 'nother topic) I came across a post over at FamHist who not only has his ancestors communicate with him on a semi-regular basis, but has people contacting him about the ghosts that occupy the land his ancestors used to own.

Sure I have had some of those "Aha" moments, but those are just moments my brain switches gears from blonde to brunette. Those are not serendipitous events. But it's not for lack of trying to have one.

I have photos of my ancestors all over my home. When I am working on one in particular I put their photo by my computer where I can see their smiling face. I figure that if I can stare them down, I'll get the answers I need from them. My family thinks that is just too damn creepy and give me lots of alone time until their "real Mom" comes back. Jeez, it's not like I have shrines or an altar and incense burning all the time.

I have tried sprinkling fairy dust and clapping my hands and clicking my heels together all in an attempt to strengthen my MoJo and be receptive in case an ancestor wants to make contact.  Not happening.

I think perhaps an Ancestor Whisperer might be the next step. 
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