31 January 2011

A Most Excellent Genea-Day Is Coming My Way!

The end of this week is FIELD TRIP FRIDAY for the Educated Genealogist.   I am headed to the Bay area to get me some genealogical education.  This event is such a wonderful learning opportunity, I just couldn't pass it up and the best part of all?  It is FREE!

9:30 am to 4:00 pm

Presented by
 The Santa Clara Historical and Genealogical Society
California State Genealogical Alliance

4 Wonderful Speakers

Melinda Kashuba, Ph.D Using Maps in Genealogical Research

Junel Davidson, CG Courthouse Records in Cyberspace

Peggy Rossi I wish I had asked: A guide to doing oral History interviews

Cat Nielsen Spreadsheets in Genealogy

Location:  Family History Center - 875 Quince Avenue, Santa Clara, California 
The seminar is FREE but you must register in advance at the Santa Clara Historical and Genealogical Society's website located HERE

An entire day to hang out with other genealogists, learn a thing or two and the icing on the cake - it is FREE!

Make no mistake about this - I have used this opportunity to turn a 1 day seminar into a 4 day holiday weekend so I won't be back until Monday.  See you then!


  1. Atta girl! Spread the love and the learning. But you didn't send my camel yet.

  2. Well done that woman! Have a happy Jolly Girl's Outing over the 4 days, WTG! look forward to hearing your results :-) Jo

  3. Sheri have a great time and don't forget good shoes! lol