01 December 2010

"There's One In Every Family" - 100th COG

There's one in every family, the odd man out. The square peg who tries to conform to a world made of round holes. In my family, the oddity is me.

I was raised in a white, middle class, polly purebred environment. The eldest child and only daughter (I have a truckload of younger brothers) of midwestern transplants who were determined to live the American Dream. We weren't the Rockefellers, but we had a very comfortable life. We could have given Ward and June Cleaver lessons in becoming the ideal family.

So with such a great start, what the hell happened? I am pretty sure that I am not the daughter my mother always dreamed of having. But in all fairness to me, there were warning signs that mummy dahling obviously failed to recognize. I present to you my evidence:

1962 - My first party hat

2002 - My umpteenth party hat

1968 - I traded in this veil

For this veil in 2008


1959 - I went from riding this

To this in 2009


And behavior like this

Will surely lead me to this

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