27 May 2009

Sheri Goes To Samford - My Sophomore Year

That's right, I am going back for more! The Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama is an experience unlike any other you'll ever come across.

The folks at Samford give this description:

"The Samford Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research (IGHR) provides an educational forum for the discovery, critical evaluation, and use of genealogical sources and methodology through a week of intensive study led by nationally prominent genealogical educators. "

"The institute is academically and professionally oriented and is cosponsored by the Board for Certification of Genealogists. The faculty is composed of outstanding nationally known genealogy educators. Begun in 1962, the institute regularly enrolls over 200 students from around the country."

Sounds a little scary but I am here to tell you that ......well ok, it was a little scary at first. The first hour maybe. Imagine a week with 200 fellow genealogists who are serious about their work and don't think that you are obsessively crazy!

Until I get back from this year's adventure, you can read about my "freshman" year 2008 :

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 and the ending.


  1. After reading your serialized story on the TGF list, I just knew I had to go to Samford, so 2009 will be my "freshman" year. I look forward to meeting another Samford student from California!

  2. Sheri -- Good thing you wrote it up last year, 'cause you'll never get to have another "freshman" year! Cya there -- harold