27 May 2009

Got Directories?

Miriam Midkiff has a new website that you really need to check out - Online City, County, and Rural Directories .

I cannot stress the value of this type of resource. Most directories were published annually - a great way to determine how long a person or family stayed in a certain area and who they had for neighbors.

An educated genealogist will realize that directories can tell you so much more than where a person lived. Often you will find an occupation and place of employment, names of adult children still living at home and whether a woman was a widow.

One can travel back in time by looking through the business section of a directory. Here is where you will learn about the community - churches, schools, stores, professional services and social organizations.

Thanks Miriam for providing a one stop shop for online directories!

1 comment:

  1. Sheri, thanks for highlighting my new site. I'm very excited about this project; it's got me wanting to spend time online again! I'm always looking for more links, even though I have a lot yet to put on the website, so I encourage your readers to share any they have.