20 April 2009

Thank You!

For the very first time in my life I am moved beyond words. There just aren’t any to describe the generosity and loving arms that the genea-blogger community has extended to me and my family during this most difficult time in our lives.

The moral support I have been gifted with from each and every one of you is what makes me know that everything is going to be alright. Certainly not today, maybe not tomorrow. But a better time is coming. There are kajillions of families out there who are much worse off than us. My family is healthy and it is times like these that a make person stronger and appreciate things a little better.

We have decided on some temporary arrangements that will have us living apart for a couple of months, but with our jobs and transportation issues this accommodates my family without putting hardship on those who are putting a roof over our heads.

As of this evening a little over 75% of my house has been moved into storage. I have decided that I can live with this arrangement for a couple of months. Husband seems to have accepted this arrangement a little too eagerly but let me explain why.

I will be in Sunnyvale, husband in Stockton during work week. I will see him on weekends – PROVIDING that fishing doesn’t get in the way. The San Joaquin Delta is absolutely the best place in the entire world to fish for bass, or so I am told over and over and over again. To my old man, fishing is more important than life itself. I don’t mind really, it keeps him off the streets and out of trouble.

He catches and releases the buggers and does not usually use live bait, preferring instead to use what I call cat toys. Rubber frogs, rubber sparkly day-glow worms and little plastic fish that have hooks on them. This is pretty much all I know and pretty much all I care to know about this obsession of his because I cannot stand the look, smell or taste of any type of fish.

We are like night and day, the only thing we have in common is watching Booknotes on the weekends and our obsessions. Fishing for him and Research and Family History for me. A match made in purgatory!

So no more pity party, no more depression, I’ve packed and am moving on….Ain’t Life Grand!
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