23 April 2009

Shades of History

Oohh Have I got news for you .......Guess who has a column of her very own at Shades of the Departed?

Me - The Educated Genealogist! Is that groovy or what!!! The one and only
footnoteMaven approached me with this most excellent idea - "The Year Was - Shades of History".

Here is the intro to the column that the Mahvalous Maven wrote:

The Year Was . . . An Introduction
A New Monthly Weekend With Shades Column.

Haven't you wondered, as you researched an ancestor, what their life was like? How did they dress, where did they work, how much did they earn, how did they travel, what did they eat, how did they entertain themselves? What was going on in the world around them?

Starting May 9, Sheri Fenley, the Educated Genealogist, will educate Shades readers in a new monthly column entitled "The Year Was - The Shades of History." Sheri will cover the social issues that would have affected our ancestors in her chosen year. She'll discuss Culture, Law and Lawlessness, Sports, Religion, Fashion, and Industry. She'll even toss a few little known factoids into the mix. I'm really looking forward to this new column and Shades education.

I am so jazzed to be a part of this top notch online publication called "Weekend with Shades." I am in the company of the best of the best - Craig Manson, Jasia, George Geder, Denise Olson, Denise Levenick, Rebecca Fenning and Donna Pointkouski.

I got my shades on - better get yours and join me May 9th.


  1. I can't wait! You are one of my favorite funny people among the genea-bloggers and I just know the column will not only be educational but lots of fun!

  2. Congratulations on the new gig! I can't wait to start reading your new column!

    Stephanie at Irish Genealogical

  3. Hey, I can't wait either!

    Love youe shades.