13 July 2017

Treat Yourself To Fun For Under $20

While browsing at the Library of Congress and the NARA (National Archives and Records Administration) websites, my eye caught sight of their "STORE" tab.  

So I took a few minutes to see what I could see.  Well ok, I took more than a few minutes but it was for research for this blog post.

While each website has a multitude of really neat things to buy, there were a few I thought were fun and in some weird way maybe could help with the work I do every day.

Looks like a block of wood.  It could be helpful when you have writer's block.   Just looking at it would make me think "OK, you have really resorted to this?  Get writing!"

What a cute old library card catalog box.  Useful to me because believe it or not I use index cards ALL THE TIME.  In fact I need to write a blog post on how and why I use them. See - this gift to myself is already working and I haven't even bought it yet!

Just because.  And it is on sale.

Do you lend out books from your genealogical collection?  This personal library kit can help you keep track of where your books are and annoy the person who borrowed the book all at the same time.

Coloring books and such for adults is all the rage now, why not a poster size map of the United States?

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