01 January 2014

Got Sacramento German Ancestry?

Got Sacramento German Ancestry?

Sacramento Turn Verein 1874

For 160 years, the Turn Verein (pronounced “TOORN-fair-ine”) has served as the center for German traditions in Sacramento. Founded in 1854, this historic club is where locals with German ancestry—and those with an interest in German culture—congregate to socialize, study German language, celebrate, exercise, and carry on revered German customs. 

Originally a gymnastics club (that’s what Turn Verein means, in German), the Sacramento Turn Verein is the oldest still-active institution in the capital city—and continues to uphold the organizations original mantra: Frisch, Fromm, Fröhlich, Frei (Lively, Pious, Merry, Free).

After the failure of the 1848 uprising  in which called on citizens to free themselves from the rule of monarchy, the Germans who emigrated to the United States, called the “Forty-Eighters,” carried with them the Turnverein culture.  By this time the focus had turned toward more non-gymnastic activities such as funding libraries and reading rooms.

In the early 1990's, Dr. Jon Ingelman proposed rescuing all the letters, photographs, club records, photographs and other memorabilia that was in the basement of the building.  From this comes an incredible amount of archival material which is now in the library.

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