04 July 2010

In Which She Attempts To Get Caught Up

So, long time no blogging. I am here to tell you people that taking on paying clients is NOT for sissies! I am sure that each report I write will come easier as time goes by. I am sure that I will get a handle on time management as time goes by. I am sure that I will not be so nervous as time goes by. I wish that time would come soon.

El Toyon Chapter NSDAR, of which I am registrar, goes "dark" for the summer. Except for me. I scheduled 4 workshops for prospective members over the summer - 2 in July and 2 in August.

San Joaquin Genealogical Society, of which I am the editor of the newsletter, goes "dark" for the summer also. Except for me. I have a newsletter to get out by the end of July.

I am a member of the Northern California Chapter of the APG (Association of Professional Genealogists) and we meet quarterly in different cities in Northern California for field trips. On June 27th we met for lunch and then had a behind the scenes tour of the San Mateo Historical Museum Archives. We were a small group, three of which are extreme brain-ee-acks and for some reason don't mind me hanging out with them! On the tour were: Carolyn Ybarra, PhD (in cultural anthropology from Stanford University), Cath Madden Trindle, CG who Kathryn Doyle featured in a
post over at the California Genealogical Society Blog and Jeffrey Vaillant who is among other things a board member of the Marin County Genealogical Society and also sits on the Board of Directors for the California Genealogical Society.

And . . . a special guest! None other than Becky Wiseman who authors the blog
kinexxions. That's right, Becky couldn't resist stopping in Stockton for a couple of days to visit with me.
Becky took the photo below. But she used my camera. So do we share the credit?

Carolyn Ybarra, Cath Trindle, Sheri Fenley and Jeff Vaillant
on the steps of the San Mateo Historical Museum

Yes, I know you recognize that dress I am wearing. It is my
"I've put on alot of weight and nothing else fits,but I am going to lose the weight so I refuse to buy any more clothes in a larger size"
dress. I swear by all that is holy, one wisecrack from you people and I'll un-friend you on Facebook!

Close-up of the museum

Inside the dome of the museum
I performed quite a gymnastic maneuver to get this photo and the one below

Me and Becky taking a farewell photo of ourselves at an un-godly hour of the AM

I do believe that I have covered everything and I am up to date. If not, please let me know. Take and number and have a seat, it may be awhile before I can get to you!

It appears that I left out a wee bit of information- The San Mateo County Historical Museum is located in Redwood City, California just a little bit south of San Francisco. Check out their website HERE. Also Cat Neilsen who is everything California Genealogy joined us in the archives. Sorry, I truly did not mean to leave you out Cat!

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