29 July 2010

I Just Indexed The President of the United States!

So here it is, 1:00 AM. I cannot sleep so I decide to put in some time at one of many volunteer jobs I do indexing and transcribing. This morning's choice was the San Francisco funeral home records over at sfgenealogy. The funeral homes we are doing this time are: D.I. Kenny (1906-1929), Ganter Felder Kenny (1895-1906), Ganter Maison Domergue (1916-1975) and N. Gray & Co. (1921-1932). I had done about 50 of them and decided to do just 1 more then call it a night.

Does the name: WARREN GAMALIEL HARDING ring a bell? It should, he was our 29th President. I may be a little more intimate with President Harding since
I wrote about him back in September 2009 for "Shades of the Departed Magazine."

I have to tell you, it felt a little creepy, yet a little exciting to see his name pop up like that. Especially in a funeral home record. Especially after I wrote an article about him. Especially since is was 1:00 AM and it was dark and quiet. Bwahahahaha!

So have you gotten around to volunteering for one of the many indexing projects that are going on? Even if all you can do is 1 entry per day, that is 1 more record than before.

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