13 June 2010

It's Good To Be The Witch!

96 here in Stockton. Again. The weather has played a part in getting the three year old to warm up to me. He just falls to pieces when I pretend I am the witch in the Wizard of Oz and say "Help, I'm Melting!"

I have a few minutes before Conan the Destroyer wakes up so thought I'd get a quickie blog fix in.

As you know, all the cool kids are in Burbank at Jamboree this weekend. Randy Seaver over at GeneaMusings always has his favorite blog picks on Sunday. Since he is taking the day off, I thought I'd share some of my favorites with you. Don't get used to this though. This is a one time deal.

What's on the 6th floor?
The San Francisco Public Library's San Francisco History Center and Book Arts & Special Collections Blog
Archives 101--Part 1: Appraisal

West In New England by Bill West

Photo Sleuth by Brett Payne
Researching a Cleveland Albumn - Introduction

Gtownma's Genealogy by Tina Sansone
Old Newspaper Fascination

What's Past is Prologue by Donna Pointkouski
The House Rules

Creative Gene by Jasia
Memories of Summers Past: The Ice Cream Man

TransylvaniaDutch by John Newmark
Weekly Genealogy Picks

Greta's Genealogy Blog by Greta Koehl
Follow Friday

Megan's Roots World by Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak
Genealogical Round Up


GeneaMusings by Randy Seaver

Circlemending by Jean Hibben

Steve's Genealogy Blog by Steve Danko


And the very best find of all?

That's right, Melting Witch Cookies!

OK I am back on kid duty . . . "Help, I'm Melting!" Bwahahahahah!


  1. Sheri, you definitely are going to get a stack of "Get Out of Hell Free" cards for doing Conan duty this weekend. We all miss you!

    P.S. Elyse has convinced us that we have to have a pajama party next year. George Morgan says he will have to buy some first. ;-)

  2. Sheri,

    So glad you are coping with your new interesting situation!! We are all pulling for you!

  3. Hey Sheri,
    Thanks for the mention! And have a great time melting and having fun!

  4. Miriam - I may need all those cards to share with everyone in Burbank!

    Bill - Your definitions just crack me up everytime. I have a list of words I have been saving for you to define and I'll email them to you.

    Doreen - Thanks for the vote of confidence - If I could only be half as optimistic (and learn how to spell) I'd have it made!

  5. Boy, you are accumulating some good karma, big time. I'm not in Burbank with the cool kids either, but just for financial reasons :( I hope your family member pulls through ok!
    Hee hee, my little brother used to love it when I did the witches from Macbeth - same voice.

  6. Your inner toddler must be in full force by now, LOL!

  7. Conan...lol. Motha, you are 3 years old at heart anyway. And since neither you nor I are in Burbank, then ALL of the cool kids can't possibly be there...they are two troublemakers short!

  8. I miss you Sheri! The mental image of you as the witch is making me smile.

  9. Miss you, miss you, miss you. If we put you in the freezer will you stop melting away?

  10. Thanks for the mention and thanks for posting the picture of the melting witches. When #1 daughter was about a year and a half old, she burst out crying near the end of The Wizard of Oz. "What's the matter?" we asked. "Wiki Wi melt!" she sobbed. We've never let her forget it. Gotta get some of those cookies!

  11. Hey thanks Sheri. I'm sorry to hear about your current circumstances preventing attendance at what sounds like the most festive regular geneaparty on the continent. I'm off to our own local Family History Fair next weekend, and I may even get to meet another of the few other NZ geneablogggers (that I'm aware of), see Alex.

    The link is much appreciated - a second article in the series just posted.

    Regards, Brett

  12. Hi Brett (she says batting her eyelashes).

    I just adore Alex from "Winging It"

    She is the only person who appreciated becoming a MadMen Avitar. (Alex knows what I mean LOL)

  13. Did you make the4 cookies, then?

  14. I think I need cookies now. Also footage of you being the Wicked Witch - I'm sure Elyse will give you a personalised version of her YouTube presentation from Jamboree?

  15. Ugly:

    Oh, how I missed you!

    Now stop flirting with Brett.


  16. I see a new hat/profile photo in your future ...

    If the melting line begins to lose some of its luster I suggest:

    I'll get you my pretty ... and your little dog too!!!

    Yours in wickedness,