11 July 2009

Time Travel to 1901

Want to take a trip? How about back to the year 1901? Then follow me...I can take you there. This month in my column "The Year Was..." I explore the year 1901.

Got Shades? Weekend with Shades - Shades of History, The Year Was 1901


  1. I loved this! It felt like I was in a time warp, reliving the year 1901. Among other things, I never knew Vice President Theodore Roosevelt made his famous statement on my birthday! I love "The year was..."

    I have the hardest time trying toleave a comment on footnoteMaven's site. This time I could get the page scrolled up to the point where I could even enter the word verification. I would have left a comment after the article otherwise.

  2. A great story!

    An ubderstanding of the past helps us understand our ancestors.