11 May 2014

A Panel of Pros Appearing in Merced

3 Genealogists From Northern California Are Headed Out On The Road To Merced

Umm,  sorry.  The photo above was from different road trip us girlies took.  

The Real Story: 

Two colleagues and I are headed South to Merced, California next Saturday - May 17th - to the Merced County Genealogical Society to give a presentation about professional genealogists.  Who they are, How to find them and When to hire one.

Joining me will be Corey Oiesen from Santa Cruz, California.  Corey is such a talented person.  She has her research business - Genealogy Heroes,  is the editor of the California State Genealogical Alliance newsletter and is a board member of the Association of Professional Genealogists serving as their communications officer.

Janice Sellers is the third member of the panel.  Janice is from Oakland, California and writes a blog called Ancestral Discoveries.  She is vice president of the San Francisco Bay Area Jewish Genealogical Society, a director on the board for the California State Genealogical Alliance and has worked at the Oakland Family History Center since 2000.

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